We'll always have your back

One of our most precious offerings is our family atmosphere. We have developed a culture, collectively with our members, that is specific to Rivalry Fitness. Our athletes have a unique environment where they can feel vulnerable and work on their weaknesses, without fear of judgment. Our coaches provide input on lifting techniques and modifications, and our members are always willing to assist however they can, even providing feedback on the style of your new shoes. We are a pretty tight family, but are always welcoming and friendly, with handshakes all around on a newcomer's first day.

Our culture

"I can't say enough about the coaches. They are knowledgable, patient, and genuinely kind people! The programming is tough, but showed results for me in the first month or two. The other members are just as kind and welcoming as the coaches and it truly feels like a family environment!"

Jen B.

Member since 2014

We do this because we love it

We provide the necessary tools, knowledge, and location for individuals to reach a high caliber of healthy living. We will achieve healthy living together through intense physical training, nutritional guidance, and behavioral changes.

Our goal is to maximize the capacity for each individual to enjoy life on their own terms, without the common restrictions associated with poor health. We will challenge members, but promise to have a lot of fun along the way.

Our programs

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