Our Facility

We're headquartered out of a 3000 sqft facility located off Fernandina Road near the Irmo-Harbison area in Columbia, South Carolina. We train heavily and with a purpose here, so you can expect to find any piece of equipment to crush through a WOD no matter your level. We're in a small warehouse district, which means we have over 20 foot ceilings, which allows ample room for wallballs and muscle ups (yes, we've been in those facilities and almost put our heads through ceilings as well). We are also surrounded by cinderblock walls and cement floors, meaning dropping weight and loud music is not out of the ordinary here. Our facility, like many CrossFit boxes is not climate controlled; however, most of our athletes find very little issue with this, even in the South Carolina heat. We have large 36" fans, a ceiling ventilation system, and large bay door to balance out temperature with outstanding airflow. Make sure you hydrate well in the summer months, and bring leggings and some cooler weather gear to wear during warm-ups and stretching.

We have ample parking, two bathrooms, and a small office area upon entry. We also have a super cold water cooler (with hot water as well) and a refrigerator for your use while you're there to pop cool towels, snacks, or any other drinks in while training. We have shirts and gear for sale along with FitAid's in our front office as well. Children and dogs are occasionally seen at our classes, and we're all for it! We just ask that they be well-behaved and have a watchful eye on them. Many saturday workouts can be seen with a baby or two in a pack-n-play while Mom or Dad trains (and many times, our Rivalry family will do a decent job helping out as well).


  • 30' (3x3) Sorinex XL Series Wallmount Rig
  • (7) Squat Stations
  • (6) Ring Stations
  • (5) Concept2 Rowers
  • (5) Airdyne Airbikes
  • Full sets of kettlebells and dumbbells
  • (3) Sorinex GHD's
  • Jerk block sets

Gym Rules

  • Wipe up after yourself
  • Put your weights & equipment away
  • Smile and be friendly
  • Be open to criticism (it makes you stronger)
  • Ask a coach for demonstrations
  • No box jumps until you squat Bodyweight 3-reps
  • If you leave a mess, 25 burpees