Our Culture

About Rivalry Fitness

The programming is critical to the success of our clients, but the uniqueness of our gym lies within the atmosphere. Our members have helped us cultivate a culture of support, friendship, and success. The members of the gym are like family to us and to each other. Everyone understands the nervousness of walking into class for the first time as well as how incredible it feels to reach goals through consistency in training. They welcome new members into the fold and make sure everyone quickly knows they belong in the Rivalry family. Our facility allows people to be themselves and have fun!

Dropping in?

If you're visiting from out of town and need to get a workout in, just contact us and let us know the details and we'll be more than happy to make sure we're there to welcome you and tour you around the space before we get into a workout. Our daily drop-in rate is $10, but if you're in town for the week on business or vacation, we'll arrange something that works best. Just reach out to us and we'll set you up.