Our Programs

Rivalry Programs

The programming at Rivalry Fitness revolves around a periodized annual plan. This plan focuses on energy system training.  We actively train and test the Aerobic, Anerobic, Anerobic Alactic, and Creatine Phosphate systems. Throughout our training the coaches will provide in depth discussions on each energy system. We teach our athletes what each session should feel like, as well as the reason behind the different types of training/testing days. Our athletes themselves drive the programming based on balanced fitness markers. As the gym tests and re-tests, the programming adjusts according to the athletes’ results in order to provide balance for everyone.

When you come into the gym for a class you'll see the workouts on the board. The workouts are a guideline we use to maximize the needs of each individual. We regularly make adjustments specific to the individual in order to ensure safety and longevity in our clients. Our workouts are broken up into tiers: Fit 1 and Fit 2. We recommend newer athletes stick with Fit 1, a program that's a little less strenuous with less olympic lifting among some other variation. Fit 2 is better suited for more advanced athletes. Many times, even some Fit 1 movements will be a bit difficult for newer athletes (Don't worry!) We often make adjustments in our programming for this (if you can't make a full pull-up for example) and would be more than happy to accommodate for your needs. If you have any question of where to start, just let a coach know and we'll do all we can to get you in the right spot and feeling comfortable.

The Coaches at Rivalry Fitness work very hard to provide superior fitness programming and coaching. Consistency with the current group classes will result in a strong foundation of fitness and health. However, each and every one of us are different. Therefore, we all have strengths and weaknesses unique to us an individuals. The Coaches running our group classes are highly skilled and capable of adjusting workouts as necessary for each individual.


Yoga is a practice, typically done through the completion of a series of postures, or asanas, which focus on the mind-body connection and the breath. It often incorporates vinyasa or "flowing" style movements, in which the poses are linked together, moving with the breath from one to the next. Linking the poses in this way creates strength, flexibility, endurance and balance for greater health and mental awareness.

Tara Kinney, our yoga instructor, is certified through the YogaFit Program which is a program geared specifically toward athletes in a fitness setting. It delivers a practical, understandable, user-friendly style that is doable by individuals at any fitness level. Some of the benefits of a traditional type of yoga workout include: increased flexibility; stronger muscles; reduced stress; increased body awareness; improved posture; and better body tone. Along with these, the YogaFit style practice helps build success in athletic endeavors by creating a more effective metabolic exchange during physical activity via better breathing patterns; off-setting the unevenness of other exercise programs by offering a complete and balanced mind-body workout for all muscle groups; increased endurance and discipline; and a clearer more focused mind.

We include yoga in our programming as a great active recovery on our rest days to work on mobility and balance our lifting. Don't feel like you have to be an expert yogi to participate. Many of us see it as a great challenge to round out our training and welcome that in the fullest. If it's your first time, we suggest showing up 15 minutes before class to get situated. Introduce yourself to Tara and she can put any nerves or anxiety at ease before class time. We also recommend bringing a yoga mat and possibly a towel, as it can get sweaty at times. We provide some blocks and bands as needed.

We're always eager to have new comers (yes, even non-Rivalry members!) All we ask is that non-members pay a $10/class fee for yoga (it's included in your Rivalry membership!)

Specialty Clinics

Occasionally we will host speciality clinics with the goal of improving athletes skillset and technique in a learning environment. They're typically located at the gym and have often featured guest coaches or other specialists on our own staff. There's never a workout scheduled and it's not a race in this instance, so we encourage you to pay attention and be prepared to learn. Many times there will be a stand up discussion and full explanation of the lift or skillset we're working on, followed by demonstrations, group drills, and some one-on-one time with coaches to work on technique. Best part about them is they're included in your Rivalry membership (Don't worry! Non-members are welcome to attend as well for a $10 fee.) Keep an ear out around the gym, on the whiteboards, and on our facebook page for more details about upcoming Specialty clinics.

Previous specialty clinics have featured:

  • Gymnastics Movement Clinics (Muscle-ups, handstand pushups, pistols) with Coach Misty
  • Olympic Lifting Clinics with Coach Warren and Coach Dustin
  • Running Club/Clinics with Coach Ricky
  • Mobility Clinics (various) with Coach Pete & LeeAnn
  • Nutrition with Coach Brandi